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  • Bao


    Mrs. Lee’s goal is to offer services for marginalized groups and work towards creating a positive social change. Mrs. Lee has over fifteen years of experience supervising and managing within the human services field, and through her studies, skills, and effort of building professional relationships, she decided to pursue her dreams of operating an agency in which is influenced by social change, self-compassion, self-care, client-centered services, client’s autonomy, and social advocacy. Mrs. Lee has experience with the supervision of 245D programs such as home and community-based services.

  • Cha

    Cha XiongHuman Resource Specialist

    Hello my name is Cha; I am the Human Resources Specialist here at Empowering Health Agency LLC. I am passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals. Helping individuals achieve their goals is something that makes me feel good and makes me feel like I am doing the right thing. Along with this, I also believe that everyone deserves a second chance and that everyone deserves fair and equal opportunities.

    “Do something wonderful, people may imitate it” – Albert Schweitzer

  • Tommy

    Tommy VangHSS Field Coordinator

    Hello, I work in the field of Compliance and my purpose is to follow and structure the agency and clients with DHS’s 245D Statutes.

  • Grace

    Grace Koch MuchaharyFloat Coordinator

    Hi my name is Grace Koch Muchahary, I am originally from Assam, India. I came to the United States in 2018, received my undergraduate degree in Sociology from Augsburg University in 2022. I started working at this amazing Agency ‘Empowering Health Agency’ in June 2022. So far, my journey as an international student and as an employee at Empowering Health has been amazing and I have grown so much in my professional and personal life. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

  • Kellie

    Kellie YangInternship Field Supervisor

    In the summer of 2021, Kellie Yang became part of the Empowering Health team. She is currently the Internship Field Supervisor which she had the privilege to assist with structuring. Kellie enjoys meeting new people and listening to their stories. She is compassionate about helping people and loves to encourage and support individuals in becoming the best version of themselves. Kellie graduated with her B.S. in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and is currently pursuing her M.A. in Counseling and Psychological Services at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in hopes of finishing by 2025. When Kellie is not clocked in or attending class, she enjoys a quick weekend of exploring and traveling, otherwise, she is making time for self-care and recharging.

  • Nicole

    Nicole McClureFloat Field Coordinator

    I am the Administrator of IHS and ESS services here at Empowering Health. I started with Empowering Health in August of 2020 and have been Administrator since March of 2022. I received my BA in Psychology from St. Catherine University in the spring of 2017. Helping others is a passion of mine and I have been in the Home and Community Based Services Field since 2016. In this field of work, I have experience in providing services for PCA, ILS/IHS, HSS, and employment. Currently in my role here I meet with clients in their home or out in the community to help them gain skills of everyday living and oversee field coordinators and assist them as needed to help them provide the best possible care for our clients.

  • Pazoua

    Pazoua VueFloat Field Coordinator

    As a Program Manager I oversee the different programs and services within Empowering Health. As someone who oversees these programs and services, I focus on improvements and problem solving so that our agency, services, and programs can run smoothly. I also work on creating structures within our agency to help create stability for clients and our staff.

  • Sazong

    Sazong MouaAdministrative Office Assistant

    I am Sazong Moua, an Administrative Assistant at Empowering Health Agency LLC. I finished my Associates Degree at SPC and decided I wanted to learn more about Business. I have skills in marketing, sales, communication, and technology. I’m currently running a side business that involves Virtual Reality and Technology development. Mental Health is an essential knowledge that can be utilized in many other ways and not just in public services.

  • Tzia

    Tzia VangSupervisor of Housing Stabilization Services

    My name is Tzia Vang, Supervisor of Housing Stabilization Services at Empowering Health. I am a human services major with a minor in organizational leadership and I am currently in a grad program working towards counseling. I assist clients in overcoming housing barriers and explore housing options that will accommodate to them as the primary goal is to house them. My purpose is to make a difference in client lives by assisting them in the most ethical way and to the best of my practices by providing resources and services to fulfill their needs.

  • Ortned

    Ortned JohnsonJob Coach

    I am Ortned Johnson a Field Coordinator at Empowering Health Agency LLC; I did a year of college at SPC and when that was no longer beneficial, I withdrew to continue my entrepreneurial journey. Skilled in sales, marketing, and communication. I’m passionate about helping the vulnerable and homeless, which has made it very flexible working at EH as a side gig.

  • Chiasia

    Chiasia LorMarketing Assistant

    Chiasia Lor is a Math and Science Academy high school senior, expected to graduate in 06/2023 with her high school diploma. She plans to further her studies in Marketing soon after she graduates. Additionally, Chiasia Lor is trusted with updating Empowering Health’s current social media and website. Finally, she hopes to use her skills to help others with their ambitions, as how Empowering Health helped with hers.

  • Nancy Yang

    Nancy YangSenior Field Supervisor

    I am the Senior Field Supervisor at Empowering Health Agency , and have been with the agency since 2020. I received my BA in Human Services from Rasmussen College in 2019. I have experience in providing services IHS/ILS, HSS, and ESS. I enjoy working in the Social Service field because I feel rewarded when I help clients to achieve their goals, educate them on things they are unsure about, and coach them with daily life activities and be in the community. At the end of the day I feel good about myself because knowing that I made a difference in someone’s lives.

  • Debbie Lee

    Debbie LeeAdministrator

    Hello, I am Debbie; I am the office and Housing Stabilization Service administrator at Empowering Health Agency LLC. I’ve worked in the Human Service field for about 10+ years, I’ve found my passion in the Human Services field through working independently with individuals. Helping and mentoring others to accomplish their goals is something that I strive for in success. I believe in giving everyone chances and encouraging individualization for their-self. Empowering Health encourages individuals to identify their skills and work based on their skills. I believe in self love first before you can love and help others. I practice self love everyday and encourage those who I’ve come across to also practice self love too.

  • Gao Her

    Gao HerHSS Coordinator

    Hello! My name is Gao Nou, I am a Field Coordinator at Empowering Health Agency LLC. My goal is to assist and provide the best service that I can to help people plan for, find and move to homes of their own.

  • Mana Yang

    Mana YangJob Coach

    Hello All! My name is Mana Yang; I am an employment services coordinator here. I am always eager to learn about my clients and assist my clients in achieving their goals. I look forward to learning about others and how I can contribute to Empowering Health LLC. My passion is to always learn about myself, so being able to explore different job opportunities and building relationships is my goal. I studied at Metropolitan State University for a BA in Criminal Justice.

  • Valenie Xiong

    Valenie XiongOffice Support

    My name is Valenie Xiong. I’m currently a student in school while also being a part of Office Support at Empowering Health. I look forward to learning new skills and learning more about myself through self-love.

  • Mai Lee

    Mai LeeOffice Support

    My name is Mai Lee, and I have many years of customer service and office support experience. I am determined and skilled in working in a big team. I have many personal experiences that help me understand the mental health field. I am compassionate about helping the community and happy to be a part of the greater community Empowering Health serves.

  • Marvel Cross

    Marvel Cross

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  • Delphina Griffin

    Delphina Griffin

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  • Cindy Her

    Cindy Her

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  • Jessica Shepherd

    Jessica Shepherd

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  • Tong Thao

    Tong Thao

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  • Ayesha Vang

    Ayesha Vang

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  • Ka Youa Vang

    Ka Youa Vang

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  • Thayeng Vang

    Thayeng Vang

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  • PaDee Vue

    PaDee Vue

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  • Serenity Xayboury

    Serenity Xayboury

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  • Ntej Carson Xiong

    Ntej Carson Xiong

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  • Joseph Yangtz

    Joseph Yangtz

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